Yippee!! I just love visitors!  I’m glad you chose to meet at the Mountain Foothills today.  I've never been here before.

That’s Chester and Diamond, two of my horse friends.  They really like this area.  Blossom asked if she could come along with them today and she looks like she’s having a good time.
Some of us were just talking about  trying to get to the top of the mountain because we feel so strong and healthy. No one has tried to do it yet but maybe one day soon we will. 

I also wanted to tell you I signed up to be on the Magic Bridge committee.  We have lots of committees here but the Magic Bridge is the most important one because it’s used by humans all the time so we like it to look really nice.

If you have time before you leave, maybe you could take a tour with me or read my memorial messages. You can also leave me a note on my guestbook.

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