My friend just came and got me to tell me to go over to Pink Blossom Meadow to meet you.  

I’m so happy to see you!  It’s another perfect day at Rainbow Bridge and now having you come to see me made it even more perfect.

I brought a few of my friends with. That’s Rocky and he’s playing ball with Muffin.  And Molly is the one holding a ball.  She really loves her ball. She never actually plays with it but she loves holding it.

I met some new friends today and one of them has the exact same name as me and we’re from the exact same place.  I never met them before but Just Over the Rainbow Bridge is gigantic so I think it takes a long time to meet everyone.

I have volunteered to work at the Rainbow Bridge Welcome Center and I will get to show some of the new pets some favorite places.  There are so many new places to explore so I imagine I'll be really busy.

Tell everyone I say hi and let them know how they can come and visit me. You can also leave me a message in my guestbook and I will read it later today.

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