I thought I saw you coming across Magic Bridge. Now my day is absolutely perfect!!

Stretch and Zippy are practicing their routine for our variety show.  Of course, Zippy’s job is a lot harder but he loves it.  He said he used to be too old to do this but now he feels like a puppy again and can do this all day.

Stretch is such a nice cat.  Later today we are going to go for a walk together.  I’m not sure where, but I think we might just walk Tall Pine Trail since we are both here already.

 Tomorrow Stretch and Snuggles are going to take me to Petal Beach.  They tell me it's a lot of fun and that sometimes they are so tired from playing that they have a nap. 

Later we are going to show eachother our special gift baskets. 

Say hi to everyone for me and let everyone know how they can come and visit me.  Don't forget to leave me a note in my guestbook.

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