You made my day a very happy one by coming to visit me!  I love it here but I love visitors too. 

Lookout Ridge is such a pretty place.  A lot of the pets like like to go up to Flat Rock and just watch everything.  Max and Snuggles asked me to join them so after you leave I’m going to go to Flat Rock.  They brought a huge picnic so that will be fun too.

One day next week the three of us are going to go for a really long walk on Sugar Trail.  I’ve never been there before but they both said I will love it, so I’m really excited about going.

I love exploring new places at Just Over the Rainbow Bridge.  There is so much to do and so many pets to play with.  Everyone is so friendly and everyone really likes me too!

Next time you visit, maybe we could read my story together.  You can also leave me a message in my guestbook and I will read it too! Hugs and kisses! See you soon.

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