I’m so happy to see you!  I’m glad you chose to meet me at the soccer field today.  I was just heading here anyway.  They are playing Horsey Ball today and I wanted to watch the game.

If you look on the field you’ll see Chester and Diamond.  They are the team Captains.  The dog is Coach.  He coaches a lot of different things here.

 Today they asked for volunteers to help clean the ball and I helped.  Boy, what a job!! It’s a big ball and took a lot of work but as you can see, it’s perfect!  Later we are all going over to Petal beach to have a picnic. 

Everyone seems to have a lot of visitors today. I think maybe it’s because we had part of Magic Bridge painted and everyone wants to see it.  Like my friend Angus always says, Magic Bridge gives us the best of both worlds.

Tell everyone that I’m having a great time and to come visit me when they can. Oh, and leave me a message in my guestbook so I can read it later.

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