I’m so happy you came to see me today!  I just was thinking about coming to Petal Beach today so this is the perfect place to meet.

I see that my friends Rocco and Snuggles are here too. Neither of them likes to go in the water but they come here a lot.

The Petal Beach windmill is fairly new.  Some of the pets made it in their workshop class and I think it turned out great. 

Today I learned about the Rainbow Bridge Rainforest.  It never rains here but if you go to the rainforest you will actually see rain.  So my friend Bailey showed me where it was and it was really interesting.  She goes there a lot and she gave me a really long tour and explained everything to me.

Today I’m having a lazy day so I don’t really have any plans.  So you can stay as long as you want.  I love having you visit me! But before you leave, you can leave me a note in my guestbook and I will read it later.

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