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I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful interactive memorial.  I created them for both of my Westie Angel Boys and I just went there today for my first visit! It is incredible that I can visit them in so many different parts of RB.  A million THANK YOUs for this. I have passed the service on to many people who could be comforted by your site.  Bless you for doing this.  
Pamela, Saint Louis, Missouri 


I am so excited and want to tell you that this is an incredible site for those of us who have lost our fur babies. It is set up as an interactive memorial site at Rainbow Bridge for pets that have just crossed over or for those who have been gone for some time.
Both of my Angel Boys, Arthur and Bartley, now have their own sites i can go to, as well as any one, and visit them at The Bridge. There is an adorable welcome for my fur babies - they are carried on a coach for a tour of Rainbow Bridge with the basket of treats I selected for them riding atop the carriage! Then folks can visit them any time and select the area of RB they want to meet them. There are photos of your pet, a personal story about each fur baby, memorial candles that can be lit, guestbook to sign and leave a message when you visit - just so many beautiful touches. And it is very comforting. I highly recommend you do this for your beloved fur baby that is at The Bridge.

Spiritual Garden of Thoughts  

Thank you! Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated seeing Peaches on the Tour.  It seemed like she was alive and sure made me cry and my husband too.  I have sent the e-mail to family and friends.  Two friends have signed her guest book.  Hope more will do it.
MS, West Virginia

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for having this special place to visit out beloved pets!! I come here a lot to see my Lexi baby I just lost her December 23.  It has been so hard for me but this brings a smile to my face when I visit.  So again thank you and God bless you. 
Donna, Rochester, NY

Hi, We Just Wanted To Say THANK YOU & GOD BLESS, Our Beloved & Very Beautiful " KELCEE " Is Loving It @ The Rainbow Bridge. And That Make's Us Very happy, That Our " KELCEE " Is Happy.
The Stacy Family, Tehachapi, California

A friend had sent me a link to visit his pet. Wow! What a delightful site!
Alice J., PA, USA

I want to thank you for creating this website. I must tell you it is a great comfort to me. I lost my wonderful dog very suddenly and as you can imagine, it's been very difficult. But I log on to "visit" him all the time and it always brings a smile to my face. Thank you.
Mrs. Samual F., GA, USA

Maxx is now on your website.  It is really well done and would definitely help young ones through the grieving process.It is easy to navigate through and I had plenty of room to add my little tribute to Maxx.
Laura B., Mtl, Quebec
Laura, thank you for "spotlighting" Maxx and sharing him with all of us!

What a great site.  My kids will love this.
Paul H., Newmarket, ON .

In the hope of helping someone else who is going through the grieving process, I wanted to share something that I have personally found helpful.  I find that leaving messages in her book is very comforting for me.  When I miss her, I log in and write her a message telling her this.  When I have something I want to share with her, I do the same. It may sound crazy, but it helps me and I actually know someone else who is doing the exact same thing.  
Jason Brown, FL, USA
 Jason, thank you for sharing.  I too do the same thing and I find it very helpful.  

I am so happy for Just Over the Rainbow Bridge. I have my little girl there.  She has been there for 5 months and I love to see her but it really hurts.  But I must let her know that I love her so much and miss her so.  I go and see her once and some times two times a month. I want to thank all of you for making Just Over the Rainbow Bridge. May God Bless you.  
Mary O., Bakersfield, CA

I am so thankful with being able to visit my baby boy.  This has helped me in many ways.  It has made my loss of him easier to handle.  l can't thank you enough x
Franzzen N., Lowestoft, England