Story of Jake

Jake was 6 weeks old the first time I saw him and I always say that he captured my heart in that very first minute. He was as cute as a button and I could hardly wait until he was ready to come home with us.

We were told from day one that Jake's personality was not that of a typical lab. He was anxious, skittish and it would require a lot of patience to train him.

It turned out he was easily trained (he won first prize in both obedience classes he attended), but yes, he was a very anxious and skittish dog. But he melted the hearts of everyone who met him . . . lovable, huggable, and happy.

Jake loved people and although he loved dogs too, he had no understanding of how to approach them. Instead, he would sit and watch them play until one would approach him and invite him to play. He would get so excited to make a new friend and would run and play until the other dog made it clear he no longer wanted to play with him. At this point Jake would once again sit on the sidelines waiting for another new dog to approach him.

At some point, for some unknown reason, Jake became a target. The other dogs would no longer would play with him and began bullying him. We would introduce him to a new group of dogs and the same thing would happen. Sadly we got to the point where Jake could no longer play with other dogs. Play dates with other dogs used to be his favorite thing. After becoming the target in every group, we were forced to stop this activity. He was at the point where he was fearful of dogs and would growl if any approached him.

What to do?? We decided to try and find a permanent 4 legged sibling for Jake. One who had an easy going personality and would get along with him.

Welcome Couper . .. a funny, comical chocolate Lab. We introduced Jake to Couper several times before committing to becoming Couper's forever home. Jake and Couper hit it off right away. The dynamics worked for both of them and we knew these two were a perfect match. They instantly became each other's best friends. They would play together for hours, sleep next to eachother, share toys and just loved being around each other.

Couper had several health issues over the years that required surgery. It was the first time I had ever witnessed severe depression in a dog. Jake refused to leave Couper's side as he went through months of healing. He refused to play, refused to go for walks and we worried constantly how Jake would cope if we lost Couper.

In November 2010, Jake and Couper both developed serious illnesses. The illnesses were very different, but both serious enough for us to realize that these two best friends might actually go to rainbow bridge together. Couper finally recovered; only to lose his very best friend a few weeks later. They had spent 10 wonderful years together. When Jake passed away, Couper mourned his loss right along with us. His depression was all too familar; but now it was Couper who seemed to emotionally die when he lost Jake. It took a lot of work but Couper has now adjusted to being the only dog in his pack.

Jake, We miss your sweet face, gentle soul & the endless joy you gave us.

Love Mom, Dad and Couper


My best friend and brother Couper came to live at rainbow bridge on November 12, 2014. Please use this link to visit him: