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This Week's Prayer Requests

The pets below have been included on our Free Prayer Request list.  Take some time to read about the pet and learn why the owner is asking for your prayers.

Please take a moment to send prayers to a pet in need and include some words of comfort in their Message Prayer Book.  Knowing people are praying for their pet or offering words of comfort, is always very much appreciated.


Susan from Covington, Washington, United States has requested your prayers for my dog Cupcake, a female Shih Tzu.
Cupcake is 10.

We thank each and every one of you for your prayers and messages. They are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

This is why Susan needs your prayers for Cupcake
Cupcake has been diagnosed with mitral valve disease, a heart murmur, an enlarging heart, and a collapsing trachea. She has episodes where she can't breathe.  She is on six daily medications.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated!