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Phyllise from Estero Florida and Innisfil, Ontario, Canada has included Couper , a male Chocolate Lab dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Couper was born on 2000-06-11 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2014-11-12.

My Tribute to Couper

We think about you everyday and miss you so much.  I try to remember little funny things you used to do and the memories make me smile.  You were such a smart dog and had a kind and gentle soul.  I was proud to be your mom for 14 years.  I will love you forever and always <3


BETTY jO from BLUFF CITY, Tennessee, United States has included Chance, a male Rottweiler dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Chance was born on 2007-09-06 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2014-11-03.

My Tribute to Chance

Chance, you were  our Precious boy, that we loved so much, why you had to leave us, we will never know, we know you left a great big whole in our hearts, that shall never heal. 

You are gone, from us, but you will never be Forgotten, Chance you left this world way too soon. 

Chance, you left us to suddenly one cold November night, God needed you at The Rainbow Bridge so we had to let you go. I held you, in my arms, as tears ran down my face. this time, Mama could not fix it. Love U


Rachel from Lincoln, California, United States has included Cody, a male Pug dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Cody was born on 2006-09-17 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2015-12-05.

My Tribute to Cody

We miss you and love you so much Cody. Wear your angel wings proud sweet baby, you earned them. You are always in mommy and daddy's heart


Blenda from Ellijay, Georgia, United States has included Cooper, a female Vizsla dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Cooper was born on 2005-06-28 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2018-05-26.

My Tribute to Cooper

Today I fed the dogs and automatically reached for your dish. I felt your familiar cold nose against my hand while the dogs ran into the kitchen. I could see you exuberantly jumping up and down and barking, barking for me to put your food down. Oh, how you loved to eat! You were the happiest and most gentle dog I ever have had. I cry every time I think about you. You were and are beloved. I will long to see your face and stroke your velvet coat for the rest of my days. You found such joy in simple pleasures. When you got sick, I asked for two more weeks with you and you graciously granted my wish. I will love you forever, prettiest Vizsla girl!!!!


Joyce from Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States has included Ceasar, a male German shepherd/ pitbull mix dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Ceasar was born on 1988-04-01 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2006-05-01.

My Tribute to Ceasar

Not just a "dog" ..nor just an "animal"..He was/is still part of our family! The BEST guard dog & protector of our family! The smartest, most loyal, devoted, and comforting part of our family!! He was always with us no matter where we went, we never left him alone by himself. He lived 23 years of his life watching over us, protecting us! ..and I know he still is today. We miss you so much !! We love you still! Always will...!! You'll never be forgotten...And I'm still lonely without you by my side. But...We WILL be together again....when WE MEET YOU "ON THE OTHER SIDE"!???????????? ????????????