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Lori from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States has included Sammy, a female Rottie-Shepherd dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Sammy was born on 2005-06-08 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2018-01-13.

My Tribute to Sammy

We miss you Sammy. Things will never be the same here without you. Have fun but wait for me at the Bridge. Love you so very much sweetie.
Love, Mom and Lizzy


Cynthia from Colonia, New Jersey, United States has included Silvester, a male Domestic short-haired black and white be cat on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Silvester was born on March 2008 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on November 15th 2019.

My Tribute to Silvester

I lost my baby boy November 15th 2019 he had kidney disease and went blind the last two months of his life I was on the site where they would look and help me with his blood work but I'm not very knowledgeable about different things and my vet really didn't help wish I could have known more maybe kept him alive for a few years my son took him to the vet to be hydrated every other day he took morazepam as he was not eating well it worked for a while then did not had to have apartment sprayed hopefully this was not his demise even though blind I had a quilt on the bed that he loves and dishes of food on the opposite he would jump off the bed make it to the litter box always the last week of his life he went crazy jumping here jumping there list of this life I was very tired put it in the living room with my son when I woke up at 9 the next morning he was laying on the carpet my son said he jumped all night constantly why he didn't wake me up we could have taken emergency he had a meeting to he had a meeting to go so I took a taxi to the regular vet his teeth were clenched and he was limp she said his heart was still beating but there was no temperature nor any hope so I let her put them to sleep I will always be guilty why did my son not wake me up and we would have went to emergency maybe it wouldn't have helped but I would have felt better he actually was like a crazy cats the last week running uncontrollably I had to take him to a vet that Monday as he ripped the nail we syringe fed him which he hated why oh why did I not take him to a emergency vet I will always feel guilty and wish I knew more about the products people are giving their animals that have kidney disease + 73 and don't know much know please forgive me my baby boy I loved you


Clinton from Monroe, Louisiana, United States has included Sasha, a female German Shepherd Dog dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Sasha was born on 2006-04-27 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2020-03-10.

My Tribute to Sasha

My dog Sasha can be perfectly summed up in one word: sweet. She was friendly with people and dogs alike, could be taken anywhere. She was the best thing to ever happen to me and I didn't even know I needed a dog at the time. Thirteen years ago, my now late mother asked me to find her a German Shepherd puppy. After searching high and low, I finally found a starving, pregnant one at the local animal shelter. I decided mom could have the pick of the litter and I'd keep the scrappy mama dog. Sasha quickly became the best friend I have ever had. When she found me, I was still in college and struggling, and she was there for graduations and job offers, while also providing a faithful shoulder to cry into during the tragedies such as losing my mom to cancer. Sasha was very healthy in general so it was upsetting when she began to show signs of aging like limping and slipping down. I put her on arthritis medicine, bought her socks and foot sprays for gripping, then thyroid medication when hers started slowing down. Eventually she couldn't walk unassisted but was always her chipper, smiling self. Finally, the day came in early Feb, 2020, when we discovered she had cancer. We tried to take it in stride, thinking that there was plenty of time to say goodbye, but there is never enough time. About a month after the initial diagnosis, even with pain meds she was clearly uncomfortable and the time came to say goodbye, yesterday, on March 10th, 2020. I took off work and spent our last full day together loving on her, taking pictures and videos and she even got a burger and canned food for dinner. I gave her a rawhide bone that was nearly as big as she was--one of her favorites! She did a decent job of working on it that night and seemed happy, except for when she was uncomfortable. In the morning, I gave her a hotpocket (she normally never got more than a rare bite of people food), we went for our last ride to the park, and then we went to the vet. Letting her go while she was still lucid and able to walk around with her front legs, while the right thing for her, has been the absolute hardest thing I have ever done. Her passing was peaceful and I held her until the end. Our veterinarian is an amazing person and helped that part be as least traumatic as possible. Now I hope that Sasha is with my mom and her late puppy Idgy. I hope Sasha knows how very much I continue to love her, that she was the best girl ever, and that I will never ever forget her. Thank you for being my friend, Sweet Sweet Chacha. I miss your smiling face every moment.