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Lorraine Randall from Kenansville, North Carolina, United States has included Isabella, a female Pug dog on this week's Tribute list and Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Isabella was born on 2006-03-03 and crossed Rainbow Bridge on 2017-12-07.

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My Tribute to Isabella

   Remembering Our Sweet Isabella...

She was supposed to be my very special birthday present,
As we set to pick her out, we found ourselves a wee bit hesitant 
For she was as tiny as a mouse, and running insanely around their house
But just one look at that adorable mug and I knew she'd always be my darling pug
Such happy times before my mom became a spirit, She and dad would often visit
And so it was that bright and shiny day, in my happiest birthday month of May
The entire family all together, to meet and greet my tiny treasure 
Such a blessed gift from my sweet fella, I told them to call her Isabella
She was as stubborn as a mule, our little bitty baby jewel 
True she tried our patience throughout those early puppy years
She gave comfort, joy and happiness, and chased away our fears
By and by, I could no longer deny, that I was no longer the apple of her eye
But it was okay, I will always be her loving mother, 
Even though her heart belonged to daddy, like no other
And so it was meant to be until, she suddenly became quite ill...
Hence we ultimately found ourselves heartbroken, 
And her sweet, sweet name no longer spoken...