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Rainbow Bridge Poem - Do You Agree?

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By Phyllise 16th October Pet Loss Articles 0 Comments

When we lose a beloved pet, imagining our pets at Rainbow Bridge has brought tremendous comfort to countless number of animal lovers.  Picturing our pets free of pain, happy, healthy and having a wonderful time, brings us comfort and peace.  Knowing that one day we will be reunited brings us joy.

The most popular story of rainbow bridge is the Rainbow Bridge Poem.  I have read the poem many times and each time there was one line that bothered me.  The poem says “When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.”

What about the countless animals that never knew love?  The ones who were abused and forgotten?  Those who suffered their entire lives?  I like to imagine that those pets do go to rainbow bridge and get to enjoy everything they were denied in life:  freedom, food, warmth, shelter, friendship, and love. 

When we decided to create our popular personalized rainbow bridge poems on our site, I chose to leave out that one line.  Many people who have used our site to create and purchase a personalized poem for their beloved pets have agreed that it really is a beautiful poem and removing that one line makes them remember that the rainbow bridge is for all animals; those dearly loved, and those who were not.

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