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By Phyllise 16th October Pet Loss Articles 0 Comments

We tell ourselves to move on. But as you are aware, it is easier said than done.


Grieving and sadness is a normal part of healing. We each push through the stages of grief at our own rate. As long as we are moving forward, then we are healing. From time to time we may take a step backwards. This is to be expected.


I remember the day I made a decision: I was going to celebrate the life of my wonderful dog Jake. I decided that I was not going to let the day Jake died define who he was. He died one day; but he lived for 11 wonderful years. I was going to focus on the 11 years rather than that one awful day.

Jake left me a legacy. He was the beautiful yellow lab with the silly grin in hundreds of photos. He was the dog who had his very own neighborhood fans who would come up to him on the street just to give him a belly rub. Jake would instantly rollover and enjoy all the attention. And if the neighbor didn’t come out to meet him, he would come to the neighbor. He’d plop himself down on their front lawn, rollover and patiently wait for the neighbor to come outside to give him his bully rub . . . regardless of whether the person was home or not. He was dog who always stood just outside the circle at the dog park . . . waitng patiently for another dog to invite him to join in. 

He was the dog who taught me patience. He was the dog whose fur was wet with my tears as I fought and won my battle with cancer.

Yes, he was so much more than the dog who died on November 27, 2010. He was dog who lived from September 11, 1999 to November 26, 2010. I refuse to let it all come down to that one horrible day. To do so would be unfair to Jake. He deserved much more than that. 



Talk about your pet with family and friends.  He is gone but not forgotten. Don't be afraid to share your memories. Just mentioning him will let everyone know it's okay to talk about your pet and share their own special memories. 


Please don't let the day your pet died become the final chapter in his story. Share his legacy.



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