Advertising Information and FAQ

What is the difference between a
Listing Ad and Sponsor Ad?
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$25 a year / per category

   Your logo  
   A  free form description area
   Link to your website
   Photo gallery - include up to 25 photos so you can showcase your products
   Flexibility to update the wording and photos included in your ad
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$25 a year 

   Become a sponsor on our very popular feature page "Pet Loss Quotes & Reflection" 
   Your ad appears numerous times a day on a rotational basis
   Visitors are encouraged to visit the page daily to be able to see the collection of quotes
   Includes your company name, logo and a link to your website 
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What is Included In My Sponsor Ad

Page Sponsor's ads are displayed on our Pet Loss Quotes & Reflection page.  Your ad will include your logo as well as a link to your website. Your ad is shown on a rotational basis numerous times a day.  

Why am I unable to upload my 25 photos

Your listing advertisement includes 25 photos so you can showcase your products and services.  However, you are not able to upload the photos until your ad has been approved.  Once approved, you will receive an email from us and will be able to upload up to 25 photos at any time.  You can change the photos as often as you wish to keep your ad current. 

What Is Included In Listing Ad

Your listing ad will appear on our Gift pages in the categories you purchases.  Each ad will include your logo, a link to your website, a free form description area, and a photo gallery of up to 25 images so you can showcase your products.  Your description and photos can be changed as often as you wish.

What Categories Are Available To List My Product Or Service

Each category/page below is $25 per year.  

Urns and Caskets
Headstones and Markers
Cemetery and Cremation
Sympathy and Pet Loss Gifts
Books, Movies, Audio that are pet loss related
Bereavement and Spiritual
Jewelry and Ornaments
Pet Artwork and Photography

Will My Ad Begin Immediately?

Once you have paid for your ad through Payl, please allow 48-72 hours for your ad to be approved and published on our site.  You will receive an email from us once your ad has been approved.  If there are any changes required for approval, we will notify you by email.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions please click to contact us.