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Sympathy / Pet Loss Gifts

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  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Just Over The Rainbow Bridge

    Just Over The Rainbow Bridge

    Purchse this heartwarming personalized Rainbow Bridge poem as a sympathy gift or as a memorial for your own pet.  This digital poem can be printed at your favorite print shop. Order your personalized poem today.  Click on our photo gallery for some recently purchased Rainbow Bridge Poems.  Poems include your pet's name, photo, dates and your own special message. 

  • Memorial Pet Loss

    Interactive Pet Memorials are designed to provide comfort and promote healing.  Unlike many memorials that are flat and lack incentive to visit again, our interactive memorials provide grieving pet parents a place to interact with their pet.  We also include a journal to write private messages to their pet,  a carriage tour of rainbow bridge, a Guestbook,  Photo gallery, a gift basket created by the owner for their pet and delivered to rainbow bridge.  And so much more.  This thoughtful gift is one that is greatly appreciated. Read our testimonials to learn why so many people  cherish this one of a kind gift. 

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Memories By Design

    Memories By Design

    Our production artists hand-craft a tribute video that celebrates the life of your beloved friend. Each of our Pet Tribute themes has been thoughtfully crafted to showcase the personality of your pet and the bond you will forever share. Further customize your video with quotes, captions, and an uplifting soundtrack. We look forward to getting you started today!

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-4 Paws Portraits

    4 Paws Portraits

    Having loved and lost several pets in my own life, I understand how devastating it can feel - after all, our pets are very much part of our family and though there lives are too short, they will forever live in our hearts.  The gifts that owning a pet bring to our lives are immeasurable, and one amazing way to preserve their memory is to have a custom piece of art made.     My art is all about capturing your pet's soul on canvas in unique ways.  In all of my work I use the eyes as both the starting & finishing point for all of my paintings, as I believe they are the key to capturing your pet's unique expression and character.  Choose a solid colored background or custom background, and use code "PETLOSS15" to receive 15% off of website prices.

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Mourninglights™ memorial candleholders

    Mourninglights™ memorial candleholders

    Comfort a Grieving Friend.   Mourninglights™ are glass memorial candleholders custom printed with the image of the pet they loved. Unlike other memorial candles, Mourninglights™ are printed with a ceramic ink that is fired into the glass and will not fade or yellow even in direct sunlight. Most importantly, Mourninglights™ are refillable with everyday votive candles or LEDs and can be used to reflect night after night, year after year. Mourninglights™ make expressive, one of a kind gifts of remembrance and are only $24.95. Each Mourninglight™ is gift-boxed and includes a 15 hour votive, 2-line inscription, and free gift card.

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Reflections of Rainbow Bridge Prism - Pet Memorials / Pet Loss Gift Sets

    Reflections of Rainbow Bridge Prism - Pet Memorials / Pet Loss Gift Sets

    ♥ Cherish the beautiful splashes of rainbow colors produced when the sun shines on your Reflections of Rainbow Bridge Prism, knowing your beloved pet is happy and healthy while waiting to see you again at Rainbow Bridge.♥ Often described as a "Hello from Rainbow Bridge", may this prism and story bring you the same peace and comfort they have brought to so many others. Warm hugs to all who have had to say "Until we meet again..." Donna. Gift boxed pet memorial / pet loss gift set includes a prism sun catcher and the Rainbow Bridge Poem professionally printed on a wallet card, bookmark, and frame-able 4x6. Made with love in the USA.