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  • Memorial Pet Loss

    Interactive Pet Memorials are designed to provide comfort and promote healing.  Unlike many memorials that are flat and lack incentive to visit again, our interactive memorials provide grieving pet parents a place to interact with their pet.  We also include a journal to write private messages to their pet,  a carriage tour of rainbow bridge, a Guestbook,  Photo gallery, a gift basket created by the owner for their pet and delivered to rainbow bridge.  And so much more.  This thoughtful gift is one that is greatly appreciated. Read our testimonials to learn why so many people  cherish this one of a kind gift. 

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-AliciaTappDesigns Images on Tiles

    AliciaTappDesigns Images on Tiles

    Create a loving porcelain cameo of your beloved pet to be affixed onto a headstone, monument, urn .. for indoor or outdoor use.. High fired onto porcelain for lasting use. Many sizes and shapes to choose from .. Bronze frames available too. Just forward  a photo through an email... I will send a proof for your approval.. Lead time is about 2 weeks. It's my pleasure to serve you, Alicia

  • Memorial Pet Loss offers a pet memorial sections which includes a collection of items that will help preserve the memory of any loyal companion. The pet urns section features pet urns, pet caskets, pet grave markers and much more. The urns within feature whimsical and elegant themes to help preserve the happy memories the pet left behind. The pet casket section offers both durable and biodegradable pieces to provide a peaceful final resting place. The pet memorial jewelry offers a variety of designs to help capture the personality of any dog or cat and contain a small remembrance of them such as ashes or fur, so they will always be with us. BBB Members since 2005 and PETA Members.

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Pets Painted By Dina

    Pets Painted By Dina

    Honor the pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with a custom handpainted Rainbow Bridge Painting. Pets Painted By Dina designs and creates personalized Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials Handpainted on many different surfaces: Canvas, art board or slate.She paints Dogs Cats or any other pet.  Loosing a Pet is like loosing a child; they are members of our family! Her compassion for those who are grieving is shown through her portraits; she began by painting her pets to heal her own heart. Paying tribute to pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge is her passion. In addition to memorials Dina paints realistic Pet Portraits of beloved pets. They are always loved and a painting simply reminds us they are still with us. A memorial is a special tribute to all the love they gave us!    *Rainbow Bridge Sympathy Cards available

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Psyche Cremation Jewelry

    Psyche Cremation Jewelry

    Commission a glass artist with over 20 years experience to create a unique cremation memorial of your pet.

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Petagious


    Petagious was founded by pet lovers who understand how much you love your pets. The loss of a pet can be as painful as the loss of a human family member, and although that pain diminishes over time, it doesn’t completely fade away.   At Petagious, we know that the physical presence of your pet can never be replaced, but also understand that when photographs are not enough to honor your pet’s memory, our handmade, huggable Replica and Best Friend custom stuffed animals can fill the void.   Petagious is based in Pennsylvania, and our handmade products are made overseas by our talented team of designers, who spend hundreds of hours creating realistic plush likenesses of your cherished pet. We offer two styles of our Petagious products. We also offer a free preview and free modification on our products before shipping! Petagious Replicas are 100% custom and handmade. We use the latest technology available to provide you with the highest quality available to date. They are lifelike plush animals designed in the image of your pet, a high-end plush that allows you to own a version of your pet that may help ease your grief. Each part of a Petagious Replica is custom made, from the eyes to the tail.  Petagious Best Friends are our handmade plush animals are crafted by a talented design team. Although they are made with the same focus on high-quality craftsmanship, they are more kid-friendly, because they are not as lifelike as the Replicas, which could be frightening for a young child who does not yet completely understand death and dying, and could be experiencing it for the first time with the loss of their pet.

  • Memorial Pet Loss Products-Reflections of Rainbow Bridge Prism - Pet Memorials / Pet Loss Gift Sets

    Reflections of Rainbow Bridge Prism - Pet Memorials / Pet Loss Gift Sets

    ♥ Cherish the beautiful splashes of rainbow colors produced when the sun shines on your Reflections of Rainbow Bridge Prism, knowing your beloved pet is happy and healthy while waiting to see you again at Rainbow Bridge.♥ Often described as a "Hello from Rainbow Bridge", may this prism and story bring you the same peace and comfort they have brought to so many others. Warm hugs to all who have had to say "Until we meet again..." Donna. Gift boxed pet memorial / pet loss gift set includes a prism sun catcher and the Rainbow Bridge Poem professionally printed on a wallet card, bookmark, and frame-able 4x6. Made with love in the USA.