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Memorial Pet Loss Products-Just Over The Rainbow Bridge

Print up to 25 copies of this 5 x 7 poem.  Only $14.95.  Personalized with your beloved pet's photo, special message and dates.

Memorial Pet Loss Products-Locked in Art

Glass cremation jewelry is a unique way to memorialize a lost pet after they have passed.  Using a very small amount of cremated remains we incorporate them into glass art jewelry.  The cremation glass art will be handcrafted into an heirloom piece of memorial jewelry or keepsake to have them with you always.  The cremation ashes will be forever fused within the glass where they will rest undisturbed.  Please be certain to contact us with any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to talk to you directly.

Memorial Pet Loss Products-Mountain Edge Pet Frames

Mountain Edge Pet Frames.  Honor and display your pets with a unique personalized gift pet frame for Rainbow Bridge - Dogs, cats, and Horses.

Memorial Pet Loss Products-alysonwhitney

Why commission an original work of art memorializing your pets life? The answer is simple: My memorials are all about remembering the happy times with your pet. They will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. They are unique and nowhere in the world will you find artistic expressions that capture your pet’s life so joyfully.   Find more information on Custom Urns as well as Shop Urns with the option of personalizing with your Breed preference at or call 866-774-9811.   America's pet artist memorializing your pets life through original works of art.

Memorial Pet Loss

Interactive Pet Memorials are designed to provide comfort and promote healing.  Unlike many memorials that are flat and lack incentive to visit again, our interactive memorials provide grieving pet parents a place to interact with their pet.  We also include a journal to write private messages to their pet,  a carriage tour of rainbow bridge, a Guestbook,  Photo gallery, a gift basket created by the owner for their pet and delivered to rainbow bridge.  And so much more.  This thoughtful gift is one that is greatly appreciated. Read our testimonials to learn why so many people  cherish this one of a kind gift. 

Memorial Pet Loss Products-Just Over The Rainbow Bridge

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