About Us

Just Over the Rainbow Bridge is an idea that grew after
the loss of our 11 year old Labrador Retriever, Jake.

Like so many other pet lovers, my husband and I had reached that much dreaded point in Jake's life. His health was failing and as difficult as it was to think about losing him, we knew we had to set our own emotional needs aside and let him go with the dignity he deserved.

With a heavy heart, we began to think about how we would spend his last day. He was not completely mobile, but we knew without a doubt the day would have to include a carefully modified trip to his favorite place, the beach.

Sadly, the plans we made never came to fruition. Instead, we found ourselves rushing him to the vet. Nothing more could be done and we cradled him in our arms as he took his last breath.

We never got to have our special last day. This wasn’t how his story was supposed to end. But from the death of a very special dog, grew a very special place called Just Over the Rainbow Bridge.