Create an Interactive memorial for your beloved pet

We had a simple dream . . .

To create a one-of-a-kind healing place to bring comfort to those who are grieving the loss of their beloved pets.

We are not a traditional memorial site. Instead we specialize in creating an interactive experience designed to foster and nurture the loving eternal bond you share with your beloved pet. Our Interactive Memorials are designed to go far beyond the one-dimensional memorials available elsewhere on the internet. For a more personal experience, many features throughout our site are personalized with your pet’s name.

To learn more about our site, let one of our Just Over the Rainbow Bridge residents take you on a tour.

Personalized Rainbow Bridge Poems

Order this very special personalized rainbow bridge poem. It makes a thoughtful well-appreciated sympathy gift, or order one for your own beloved pet as a beautiful keepsake memorial. Includes your pet's photo and personalized wording, this digital poem is forwarded to you ready to print. Print extras for family, friends or to share at your pet's memorial.

$14.95 or purchase it along with an Interactive Memorial for only $11.95

In Memory Of Jake

● Sept 11, 1999 – Nov 27, 2010
● Always Loved. Never Forgotten

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In Memory Of Couper

● June 11, 2000 – November 12, 2014
● You wrapped your tail around our hearts

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Remembering Prince

● October 2nd, 2002 – February 1st, 2017
● Always Love. Never Forgotten

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Run Free Mariska

● July 8th, 2006 – Nov 22nd, 2016
● Her name means Beloved and she is

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Remembering Mr. Puddy

● 2002 – 2016
● We Love You And Miss You Very Much

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In Memory of Buddy

● 2000 – Dec. 10, 2015
● Best Friend Forever.

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Prayers for pets

When a pet is ill, lost, or in need of prayers for any reason, visit this area of our site that was designed especially for them. There is no charge to include a pet on our Prayer list.



Just Over The Rainbow Bridge was designed to pay tribute to our beloved pets and to provide comfort to those left behind. Read what people are saying about us.

About Us

Just Over the Rainbow Bridge is an idea that grew after
the loss of our 11 year old Labrador Retriever, Jake.

Like so many other pet lovers, my husband and I had reached that much dreaded point in Jake's life. His health was failing and as difficult as it was to think about losing him, we knew we had to set our own emotional needs aside and let him go with the dignity he deserved.

With a heavy heart, we began to think about how we would spend his last day. He was not completely mobile, but we knew without a doubt the day would have to include a carefully modified trip to his favorite place, the beach.

Sadly, the plans we made never came to fruition. Instead, we found ourselves rushing him to the vet. Nothing more could be done and we cradled him in our arms as he took his last breath.

We never got to have our special last day. This wasn’t how his story was supposed to end. But from the death of a very special dog, grew a very special place called Just Over the Rainbow Bridge.



Create Interactive Memorial

  • $ 25.00
  • One Time Fee
  • Visitor's Center
  • Personalized Memorial Candle *
  • Guestbook & Photo Gallery
  • Tour of Rainbow Bridge
  • And much more...

Add a Personalized Poem

  • $ 11.95
  • Your Pet's Photo
  • Personalized Wording
  • Digital Format
  • Print Unlimited Photos
  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • Perfect For Framing

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Candle Lighting

Read the tributes posted for pets, leave messages, or you can also attend any pet’s Monday Candle Lighting Ceremony.


Tributes & Ceremonies

Read the tributes, leave messages, or attend a pet's Candle Lighting Ceremony on Monday's at
4 PM, 8 PM or 10 PM EST.

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Create / Edit A Tribute

Every Monday night since 1993, all across the globe, candles are lit in memory of our pets. Light a free memorial candle in memory of your pet.

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Candle Lighting FAQ

Answers to questions about our free candle tributes, lighting a free candle, and information about our Monday Candle Lighting Ceremonies.

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Monday Candle Ceremonies

Light a free memorial candle and create a free tribute for your beloved pet. We also offer Candle Lighting Ceremonies that are spiritual in nature, every Monday night.


Over the years we have received many unsolicited testimonials. Please take a moment and read what people are saying about us.


This special area is designed for pets who are in need of prayers. Include your pet or take a moment to leave a prayer or words of comfort for someone whose pet is ill or lost.

Free Sympathy Card

When a friend or family member has lost their beloved pet, a sympathy card is always appreciated. We offer online sympathy cards as a free service.

Visit A Pet

This popular area of our site provides registered pets with their own Visitor's Center. Choose the area of rainbow bridge you’d like to visit with your pet, and we'll be sure they are there to greet you.

About Us

...we never got to have our special last day with Jake but from the death of a very special dog, grew a very special place called
Just Over the Rainbow Bridge.

Pet Loss Quotes & Reflection

This page is designed for those who are grieving the loss of their cherished pet. Each day a different pet loss quote is displayed. To see the complete collection, be sure to visit the page daily.


Visitors to our site are often looking for sympathy gifts or memorial keepsakes. Reach our visitors by advertising your products and services on our site.


A popular page on our site is Pet Loss Quotes & Reflection. New daily quotes encourage visitors to return again and again. Limited sponsorships are available.

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A Dog In Mourning

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Finding Grief Support on the Internet

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